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The Music of Lyriel

Lyriel's musical repertoire ranges from dreamy ballads, a pinch of medieval tunes, to heavy rock songs with elements of classical and Celtic folk music.

Distinct, related musical genres merge and become a new, particular style in Lyriel's music.

Lyriel distinguish themselves from other bands especially through playing the violin and the cello live on stage, instead of using keyboard-generated strings.

The band can play its entire repertoire either as a heavier rock set, or a folky acoustic set, which further highlights the musicians' versatility.

Front woman Jessica Thierjung impresses with a diverse use of her voice, whose sound can take any form between powerful and mellow.


After founding the band in the fall of 2003, LYRIEL started presenting their compositions to local audiences.

In the summer of 2004 LYRIEL signed a record contract with the independent label BLACK BARDS ENTERTAINMENT.

In the beginning of 2005 their debut “PRISONWORLD” was finally released, and hit the record stores on January 17th, 2005.

In addition, LYRIEL were honored to support ELIS during their “Dark Clouds in a Perfect Sky” tour, along with VISIONS OF ATLANTIS.

Jessica's guest performance on XANDRIA's album “India” posed a further highlight of 2005. She appears as a guest vocalist in the song “Like a Rose on the Grave of Love”. In the fall of 2006 LYRIEL released their second album, “AUTUMNTALES”. It features Sabine

Dünser (†), former front woman of ELIS, as a guest vocalist. Combined with Jessica's and Linda's voices she gave the song “My Favourite Dream” a very special sound.

The year 2009 started with a highlight for LYRIEL:

The band found a new label in the London-based FEMME METAL RECORDS.

Around the middle of the year LYRIEL decided to digitally remaster and re-release their first two albums on a double-CD, “THE FIRST CHAPTERS”.

On April 29th, 2010 LYRIEL released their third album “PARANOID CIRCUS”. Just as for their two earlier records, the feedback and interest have been tremendous, and the album keeps receiving positive criticism from both genre magazines and fans all over the world.

On January 1st, 2011 LYRIEL signed a record contract with AFM Records. The baby break ends in March 2011, and as a comeback “PARANOID CIRCUS” will be re-released, featuring a new cover artwork. In the fall of 2011 the new, and the band's fourth, album will follow. Plans for the eagerly expected tour in 2011 are currently in the works.

Review Excerpts to "Paranoid Circus"


With “Paranoid Circus” these Germans create a fascinating album full of emotion and strength that consists of countless, amazingly combined elements. Lyriel seem to easily manage what many other bands can do only in the rarest cases: creating a magic tale!

Source: Terrorverlag

A convincing album, which pleasantly distinguishes itself from the bulk and will take the band a great deal further.

Source: Metalroxx

With “Paranoid Circus” Lyriel have presented a colorful album and I am completely convinced. Boredom is to be sought elsewhere, but not here! Highly recommended!!!!!

Source: Sonic Seducer

The songs on “Paranoid Circus” come with a force that will not let you get enough of this musical

mix of feelings.

Source: Alternativmusik

From heavier pieces like “Elderberry and Lavender”, faster rock pieces like “Like a Feather in the Wind”, to mellow ballads like “So Long my Love” everything can be found, which creates a nice variety. It should have come clear that the album turned out amazing.

Source: Crazyunited

Will probably enchant all fans of bands such as Schandmaul, Tori Amos, and Within Temptation.

Source: Dark Festivals

For fans of folky rock music “Paranoid Circus” leaves nothing to ask for. People who are not looking for Nightwish-like soprano vocals can get this album without a second thought. A recommendable album.

Source: Evilrockshard

Even though the main style is rather quiet, the mostly mellowly sung (sometimes with several voices) pieces are extremely powerful and create an atmosphere that makes one envision Lyriel as the composers for a movie score to the Lord of the Rings prequel “The Little Hobbit”. A marvelous record, and I hope to own the earlier works as well soon.

Source: Metallized

Lyriel do not just impress with their fresh and individual edge, but they have also created an album that is convincing in all respects; of course including a diverse and versatile repertoire of songs. To conclude, I will now end the praise. It should be obvious to everyone which value is assigned to the album here.

Source: Sonic Seducer

“When I was listening to this record for the first time, it hit me like a lightning: Bittersweet Dark Romantic Celtic Rock in its purest form! … Jessica impresses with a vocal diversity that is fascinating and addictive. … Lyriel – even the sound of falling autumn leaves can not be more beautiful!”

Review Excerpts to "Autumntales"

Successes of “Autumntales” in the Sonic Seducer charts:

In the November issue “Autumntales” was the number 5 album in the Soundcheck. In addition it reached position number 58 in the Top 150 albums voting of 2006.

Source: Gothic, Winter issue 2006/2007

“One of the best albums of lighter Gothic Metal, which uses classical elements in an entirely new way and does not fall victim to an excess of too high tones.”

Source: Zillo – 10/2006

“Why do Lyriel nowadays have a better chance to gain a spot in the Gothic Metal genre? Because the band from Gummersbach departs a great deal farther from the established patterns. The Folk/Medieval elements, including a cello and a violin, are woven into the music more cleverly and more extensively, the sound is raw and pristine.”

Source: Metalheart

8/10 points

“No matter what the speed and mood are like, all of the diverse compositions share the band's grasp of catchy and pleasant melodies, which are for once rich and almost symphonic, and then again soft and cautious.”

Source: EMP

“Be it elated, cheery, or dolefully sad, the moods conveyed are full of authenticity. Amazing, something like that is actually rather rare in this musical genre. Bravo!”

Source: Folkmetal

10/10 points

“Everything goes perfectly together here. I do not intend to reduce the band's accomplishment, but it is the singer Jessica who has enchanted me with her vocals to such a degree that I can hardly let go. (The order for my CD-player: “repeat ALL”.) Fantastic!!!!

Source: Osnametal

5/5 points

“Over all, Lyriel present a musically and lyrically mature album, which stands out because of its convincing autumn mood, with Irish influences and a bit of folk. The combination fascinates and carries you away. Topscore!”

Source: Gothics Nature

9/10 points

“... Autumntales is a rather voluminous album, featuring 14 tracks and a play time of about 50 minutes. It ranges from Celtic Folk to Rock and Metal, and makes you relax and dream...”

Source: Ancient spirit

11.5/12 points

“Autumntales by LYRIEL is definitely the best album of the past year! Fantastic!”

Source: Powermetal

“The voice of vocalist Jessica is elfin soft, yet possesses an expressive power with nothing left to ask for. She masters ballads as well as rock pieces without batting an eye. And that she, in addition, looks fantastic does not hurt either.”

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